Managing digital assets

“The buy-in and trust of the team was the main reason for such a successful outcome.”

The unique challenge

A regional authority established by the Hong Kong Government to develop a cultural district in the city provides world-class entertainment and performance spaces for artists and performers.

Despite their highly visual public facing marketing and online/social media presence, the authority didn’t have standardised processes across the authority to store and manage their assets (film, photography and documentation).

Finding digital assets was very time consuming and rights management, licensing information and other legal rights were difficult or time consuming to track.

The authority’s digital assets existed in a siloed organisational structure with disjointed systems across teams.

There was no central repository for them to share or view assets, no clear way of understanding the life cycle of resources and no governance procedures to ensure an efficient retrieval process.

We are currently engaged to oversee the introduction of a brand new system to help with data governance.

By using one system to store and maintain the data and assets, teams will have more accountability for the assets.

It also helps teams share and collaborate information, limiting the likelihood of waste and duplication.

Tools & thinking

United Outcomes is working with a leading IT services company to implement a district-wide centralised system to professionalise the data governance of the authority’s assets.

The new system clarifies the workflows for digital asset uploading, versioning, review, approval and archiving – and makes collaboration internally and externally much easier than before.

United Outcomes worked with teams to train new users and ensure that the new features were embedded in the working practices of staff.

Ultimately our role is to be the task manager for the roll out of the new system across the authority, helping to reduce the amount of time involved in sourcing suitable assets for teams and making their work more efficient and less cumbersome.

Success is never a straight line

We don’t always have the answers – and quite often the situations we face are new to us too.

So it can be a challenge to adapt to the culture of an organisation and their working practices.

Managing and setting out expectations is crucial at the beginning of the process.

Part of what we do is about holding people closely to account and helping them to think more about the different scenarios they may encounter, including the risks and the opportunities.

In our work, it’s really not about ‘checking up’, but reviewing and refining the processes as we go along – and developing the team to improve the way they work.

New systems can be challenging for teams, but with quality training and open communication, organisations can implement transformational technology with minimal disruption to business as usual.

They can also experience a boost in productivity and ultimately – in their revenue streams.

We’ve encountered these experiences during our work with the cultural division of a regional authority in Hong Kong.


The roll out of the new digital asset management system is going well and will be implemented later this year.

We’re generous with our knowledge and our core team has made an impression in the authority.

What started out as a short-term project has been expanded so we can support them with the delivery of the new digital asset technology.

Our work focuses heavily on the relationships with key testing and QA teams.

Without the buy-in and trust of the teams within the regional authority, the project wouldn’t have been a success thus far.

With a multinational team of more than twenty, consisting of four companies, project managers, development and testing teams – there has to be a good synergy and energy between the individuals to get things done.

Thankfully, we’re already well on our way to achieving the regional authority’s outcomes – even if our waistlines won’t thank us for all the ‘Fat Fridays’ we’ve shared with them over the last few months!