Securing and upgrading applications

“UO left behind a legacy of delivery and detailed planning.”

The unique challenge

Quick system upgrades don’t cut it for major banking multinationals.

This bank needed help with an intensive Websphere infrastructure upgrade of their web applications on their internal banking system.

This would require a comprehensive process of programme and project support to upgrade more than 83 applications in all. 

The new upgrade would ensure that security was safeguarded for millions of customers – of course a huge concern for a bank.

For a large global business, the complexity in upgrading many apps simultaneously was a concern with live upgrades only being able to take place during strict maintenance windows – usually after hours and on weekends.

The nature of the engagement meant there were a range of resource constraints and very short timeframes to resolve issues – sometimes only a matter of hours.

Tools & thinking

It was important to know the detail and what the core route to live environment was.

We held scoping sessions to understand each applications environments.

We developed detailed plans to make sure all team members had visibility of each application environment.

It was up to us to outline and manage the tasks to completion so we could upgrade each application successfully.

Attention to detail was essential during this phase and every single element of the programme was guided by our team.

It was our job to highlight risks or issues to senior management – getting them involved at each critical point along the way, managing the schedule and agile workflows.

Success is never a straight line

No one ever said success was easy – and sometimes we have to go the extra mile, even if this means gruelling, 12-hour sessions to plough through the upgrades and guide the on and off-shore teams long into the night and weekends.

Their success was our success, so having a solid relationship was critical for us.

This was a very technical project with many detailed components and dependencies – not one day or application was the same.

It was challenging in the beginning, developing relationships with some of the teams over the phone or onboarding programme directors who’d been a part of the bank for many years.

Even so, it was important to have a strong enough relationship that made sure things got done on time.

We’re driven by the relationships we’re able to form – and this is the core component that makes us different – but we’ll never stop asking you challenging questions or guiding you towards even better results.


All the work we do has to stand on its own two feet or it means we haven’t succeeded.

We share this responsibility with you – as partners.

With our banking client, some of our consultants were more used to face-to-face interactions and it can sometimes be more difficult to connect in the same way from a distance.

But thanks to the tenacity and desire to build Positive Relationships of our consultants and partners that this client responded so positively, ultimately using our process as part of their training and onboarding of new staff.

United Outcomes left behind a legacy of delivery and detailed planning to make sure the 83 applications were successfully upgraded with minimal disruption and without affecting the customer experience.