Service management tool implementation

“A structured, outcomes-focused delivery approach helped us to achieve a successful integration.”

The unique challenge

With multiple customer service desks located in four global locations, a Tier 1 Telecommunication provider’s ability to deliver a uniformed service to their customers was limited.

There was little collaboration and synergy from the four locations in terms of tools, processes, people capability and capacity.

In addition, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), jeopardy management and escalation processes between the service desks varied greatly across the global locations.

The client was focusing on the Multinational Corporation (MNC) market and was increasingly finding that without a shared system and managed network services, growth in their desired markets would be extremely difficult.

They engaged with United Outcomes seeking support to establish and maintain the customer assurance experience, establish global service desk capability, seamless and consistent global assurance processes and coverage for all customer geographies. 

Tools & thinking

To enable domestic and international desks to manage customers on the same system, our programme delivered a single integrated ticketing platform (ServiceNow).

This provided a true ‘follow the sun’ capability for multinational customers, so that no matter which timezone they were calling from and at whatever time – their call would be answered.

To manage the experience across multiple offshore teams, we implemented a simplified Global Service Operating Model (GSOM) which would solidify their ability to deliver global capability and achieve the kind of growth and development they were seeking.

Success is never a straight line

Successfully systemising the way multiple branches of a business work is no mean feat.

Teams working in four separate entities had developed their own ways of working and working styles and there would inevitably be resistance and challenges in switching to a single, global operating model.

There were some teething problems while running sessions and communications remotely and trying to get buy-in without face-to-face contact.

We learned how to stay agile and resilient in the face of some of the difficulties we were facing – meetings sometimes weren’t well attended or staff were resistant to undertaking training.

The timelines created a considerable amount of pressure with the decision to launch in four countries at once rather than one-by-one, however the whole business pulled together extremely well and the roll-out was delivered successfully.


Large corporations often find themselves in a position where they end up with different service teams working to a variety of systems – and quality may vary greatly.

Global customers should receive the same integrated experience across the globe.

As a result of our involvement to help deliver a single service desk model, the client was able to improve service levels with smoother, faster and more transparent end-to-end service assurance.

The global service desk offers a strategic and systemised solution for the client to professionalise the experience for customers in multiple markets – no matter which country code or time zone they are in.